legacy auto dealer

About Us

Legacy Auto Detailing, LLC was founded by Kenneth, Robert, and Brett Stultz in July of 2015. Originally from Oregon, the Stultz family has called the Las Vegas Valley home for over fifteen years.  

Kenneth and Robert worked in the Local 88 Sheet Metal Union for years and helped to construct and renovate many of the buildings our city is known for. When the union started to run out of jobs, and many of the union workers began to get laid off, Ken and Rob were amongst them; after which, they worked numerous other jobs, including extracting minerals at a mine and assembling solar panels under the hot desert sun.  


After graduating high school, Brett started attending college at CSN, began working for one of the local Las Vegas car wash chains, and was later promoted to the detail side of the business, which is where he received the foundation of experience required in order to later get Legacy Auto Detailing, LLC started. The Stultz family has been detailing for the people of Henderson and Las Vegas ever since.  

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